Camping in New Hampshire

No trip to New Hampshire would be complete without a stop at the NH State Liquor Outlet.  (I would have bought more but no room in the RV.  I need a wine rack Gene)!


You know who I’m talking about here!



Best spot in the campground. We were in the corner and shaded the whole week. Near a big field so we could play with Max.

Camped for several days with my cousins at Tuxbury Pond RV Resort. Nice place, a bit out of the way. It took us a few days to find our way around. Then we found Coconut crusted haddock at Shaws. That was delicious! Below is Diane our resident expert on s’mores making.



There were two motor homes and a travel trailer. We were all camped together. We did more of this than anything else. EAT.

OK, let’s see if I remember everybody from left to right-Diane, Susan, Patty, Eileen,Theresa, Melissa, Patrick Dave, Rosa and Mike.
Home for ten days.
This is Mike “my hero”. He is doing what I’ve been trying to do since we moved into the Vista full-time. Maybe one day when we slow down. Also got to get a couple of those chairs!


These next couple images are of 10 of us trying to play the card game 13. There are eleven rounds to this game and 22 wild cards (seemed like that many). It took us about an hour and a lot of aggravation and laughter to play a round.IMG_0943



Dave didn’t get involved in the game of 13. He was watching TV instead. At least we think he was watching TV, because if we thought he was sleeping somebody (not mentioning any names here) was going to dump a bucket of cold water on him.


My cousin Rich couldn’t make our family day at Tuxbury Pond RV Resort. He was being honored by students that he taught  Carpentry to at Lynn Vocational Tech. These are some of the many students and their families that showed up.


Next up is Bah Habah (Bar Harbor) ME and Acadia National Park.

photo 2 (3)



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