Annual Family Picnic


Bumpah stickah

We spent the past week visiting with family and friends and attending our family picnic. The family picnic has been going on the same weekend every year for about 70 years. Since the mid 50s it’s been at the same location. My uncle Bruce and aunt Theresa generously let us use their home equipped with a pool and a large front yard for games. They sold their house to my cousin Wayne and his wife Lisa and they continued the generous tradition. The day starts with coffee and donuts in the morning and is spent socializing, eating, swimming pool, eating, games, and ends around 7pm after corn on the cob and hot dogs and hamburgers.







Let us out! We want to play too!


pinic 4

picnic 1


photo 1

photo 2

photo 3



me & Eileen

picnic 2

picnic 3




3 thoughts on “Annual Family Picnic

  1. Nice family reunion. I thought that I saw Rose on a picture, sitting on the front porch. The Martin family should do this, since it looks like a lot of fun, seeing the kids grow up and new young children joining the group.

    Thanks for sharing and have a safe trip back to VA.

  2. It’s always a fun trip for me, but more so this year because we were able to spend a couple of weeks in the area and not have to rush back to VA.

    1. It is so nice to be retired, touring the country and not have a real agenda. This has been a wonderful escape for your envious friends that should just pack a suitcase and go explore, be free and just enjoy life to the fullest.

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