3 days in Bah Habah (Bar Harbor) and Acadia, Maine

We camped at Narrows Too in Trenton, ME  just outside Bar Harbor. It’s part of the Thousand Trails/Encore group of campgrounds. There are three affiliated campgrounds and if you are camped in one you have access to all three. I believe the other two are on the island. The next morning we drove onto the island and went to Acadia National Park first. A couple of things you need to know. You have to stop at either the information center or the gate at the entrance to the one way road on the Park Loop Road and get a visitors pass to drive through the park. We’ve had the Seniors Pass for several years. It is a one time cost of $10 and is a lifetime pass. What a bargain!


Getting Around.

There are many ways to see the park. We took the Park Loop road. It’s a scenic one way road that is part of the Park Loop, that goes along the ocean.

You can’t see it in this image, but there is a working lighthouse in the distance.






Thunder Hole

Unfortunately we arrive at Thunder Hole when the tide was still coming in. We saw a little splash, but not the thunder. More like splish splash I’m taking a bath!

Trail to Thunder Hole


Thunder Hole









If you start on the the two way road you can only go half way around because you run into the one way road. You can take the free bus (except for the pass) which stops all along the Loop. Or you can go on the Carriage Road and Bridges. The Carriage Road is only open to pedestrians or bicyclists. No motorized traffic.  Hey! I see it below…shout out to Rocky Mtn. Westy! – Eileen




 Cadillac Mountain.

If you’re an early riser you can be the first to see the sunrise on the eastern coast from early March through early October from Cadillac Mountain. We only missed it by a few hours!

photo 5

Eileen is top center









Jordan Pond House

We had lunch at the Jordan Pond House. They are pet friendly so we took Max along. YOU NEED MAKE A RESERVATION or else you’ll have an hour wait, even still it’s worth it!-Eileen



Popovers, Jordan Pond
Food was great, especially the Popovers!
View from the restaurant

Bar Harbor

We drove into Bar Harbor and got a parking space right away. That was luck!

Bar Island below is only accessible on foot or ATV at low tide. This view is from Bridge Street which is off the ocean side of West St. Parking is free in Bar Harbor for two to three hours at a time. They will come by and mark your tires and put a ticket on your windshield if you go over your time limit. A little known fact is there are no parking time limits on West St. I don’t know how little known that fact is, because we couldn’t find any open spaces. West St. is where you can get excursions to whale watch and harbor tours.

High tide.
Low tide.



Looking back at Bar Harbor from Bar Island.



we had dinner at Abel’s Lobster Pound. We were going to eat outside on the picnic tables, but as it was close to 6:30 pm and starting to get chilly we opted for a table with a view. As we were eating we could see diners putting jackets on to stay warm.  Abel’s is only open from July to Sept.  Bummer!



Where they cook the lobsters.

photo 1 (4)

photo 3 (4)

photo 4 (4)

photo 4 (2)

photo 2 (3)

photo 3 (3)


photo 5 (3)
A great way to end our dinner and trip!

From my daughter Robin who goes to Acadia at least twice a year.

 Places to Eat & Drink:

The Lompoc (awesome food, brew, music) – http://www.lompoccafe.com/ . We always get the “bang bang chicken” sandwich.

McKays (nice dinner) – http://www.mckayspublichouse.com/ . Scott usually gets the “seafood risotto.”

Jordan Pond House (popovers, located in the park, beautiful view, need reservations to sit outside otherwise it’s a very long wait of an hour or more) – http://acadiajordanpondhouse.com/ .

Geddy’s (casual) – http://www.geddys.com/ .

Café This Way (breakfast and dinner, great food) – http://www.cafethisway.com/ .

Rosalie’s (pizza) – http://www.rosaliespizza.com/ .

Thirsty Whale (casual, beer, burgers) – http://www.thirstywhaletavern.com/ .

Siam Orchid (Thai) – http://www.siamorchidrestaurant.net/ .

Two Cats Inn (breakfast) – http://www.2catsbarharbor.com/cafe.html .

Coffee Hound (best iced java) – http://www.barharborcoffeehound.com/ .


Things to Do:

Park Loop Road (lots of things to see and do right off of the Park Loop)

Thunder Hole

Sands Beach (no dogs allowed)

Trails and carriage paths: Eagle Lake, Jordan Pond, Witch Hole Pond, Bubble Rock

Cadillac Mountain Sunrise

Acadian Nature Cruise (harbor cruise out of Bar Harbor) – http://www.acadiannaturecruises.com/

Schoodic Point (another cool part of Acadia National Park that is located off of Mount Desert Island) in Winter Harbor, ME

Buses (run by LL Bean) will take you all over the place – http://www.exploreacadia.com/




Camping in New Hampshire

No trip to New Hampshire would be complete without a stop at the NH State Liquor Outlet.  (I would have bought more but no room in the RV.  I need a wine rack Gene)!


You know who I’m talking about here!



Best spot in the campground. We were in the corner and shaded the whole week. Near a big field so we could play with Max.

Camped for several days with my cousins at Tuxbury Pond RV Resort. Nice place, a bit out of the way. It took us a few days to find our way around. Then we found Coconut crusted haddock at Shaws. That was delicious! Below is Diane our resident expert on s’mores making.



There were two motor homes and a travel trailer. We were all camped together. We did more of this than anything else. EAT.

OK, let’s see if I remember everybody from left to right-Diane, Susan, Patty, Eileen,Theresa, Melissa, Patrick Dave, Rosa and Mike.
Home for ten days.
This is Mike “my hero”. He is doing what I’ve been trying to do since we moved into the Vista full-time. Maybe one day when we slow down. Also got to get a couple of those chairs!


These next couple images are of 10 of us trying to play the card game 13. There are eleven rounds to this game and 22 wild cards (seemed like that many). It took us about an hour and a lot of aggravation and laughter to play a round.IMG_0943



Dave didn’t get involved in the game of 13. He was watching TV instead. At least we think he was watching TV, because if we thought he was sleeping somebody (not mentioning any names here) was going to dump a bucket of cold water on him.


My cousin Rich couldn’t make our family day at Tuxbury Pond RV Resort. He was being honored by students that he taught  Carpentry to at Lynn Vocational Tech. These are some of the many students and their families that showed up.


Next up is Bah Habah (Bar Harbor) ME and Acadia National Park.

photo 2 (3)



Annual Family Picnic


Bumpah stickah

We spent the past week visiting with family and friends and attending our family picnic. The family picnic has been going on the same weekend every year for about 70 years. Since the mid 50s it’s been at the same location. My uncle Bruce and aunt Theresa generously let us use their home equipped with a pool and a large front yard for games. They sold their house to my cousin Wayne and his wife Lisa and they continued the generous tradition. The day starts with coffee and donuts in the morning and is spent socializing, eating, swimming pool, eating, games, and ends around 7pm after corn on the cob and hot dogs and hamburgers.







Let us out! We want to play too!


pinic 4

picnic 1


photo 1

photo 2

photo 3



me & Eileen

picnic 2

picnic 3




Heading East

We left The Winnebago GNR Monday afternoon July 21st and headed east to Patterson, NY. We didn’t travel far that first night because we got such a late start. We got as far as Des Moines, IA and stayed at The Prairie Meadows Casino in Altoona.


It was the only time Eileen and I ever went into a casino and just had dinner and left. We had no cash. The ATM charged 10% for the transaction plus a $3 service charge. If that wasn’t bad enough the ATM said if you don’t take your money fast enough the ATM will pull it back and you would have to contact the provider to get a refund! We said no thanks and left.

It took us a little over four days to drive the 1226 miles from Forest City, IA to Patterson NY. There we had dinner at Eileen’s brother Bill’s house.

Guess who’s driving?  Scary huh!  Only drove for an hour.  Too much construction on the road.


Steak dinner with Bill, Eileen, Kelly, Eileen and Sara.

The following day we had them all over for a barbecue at our house. There were ten of us including two children. We had hamburgers, hot dogs, sausages with grilled onions and peppers and pasta salad with lots of desserts.


Max is waiting for his next command.



Max made lots of friends that weekend and played fetch for hours!

Monday July 28th

We drove to Auburn MA and spent the night at an Elk’s Club parking lot with their permission of course.

Tuesday we drove to Northwood, NH to see Robin and Scott and our three grand dogs. We stayed at Saddleback campground.


Wednesday we got in the car and went up to the White Mountains Forest. To see the Flume Gorge. The Flume is a natural gorge extending 800 feet at the base of Mount Liberty. It’s like walking through a crack in the earth.




Beginning of trail.












Who needs a stairmaster!  The climb took us about an hour and 15 min. to do.  Breathtaking views plus bear and wolf dens.


Had a little extra time, so I carved this heart shaped trunk for Eileen.







Through out the walk you will find orange ribbons tied to a plant describing what the plant is.


Rain shelter (or hide to rest shelter).  It was pretty humid there.



View of the White Mountains from the Kancamagus Scenic Byway.




Dinner with Robin at Susty’s on Thursday night.

Dinner was good!


Robin and Scott cooked us dinner last night and then we went out to Johnson”s for desert.