Sunday June 15th Father’s Day to Saturday June 21 .

Went to brunch with Eileen and Mark at the Cafe Vino I had a great meal of Huevos Rancheros, Mark had Eggs Benedict and Eileen had the best meal Stuffed French Toast.

Cafe Vino   Spent the rest of the afternoon wishing I hadn’t eaten sooo much. Took a bike ride with Mark on the Cashe La Poudre bike trail (pronounced pooder)  bike path towards downtown Ft. Collins. It’s only 2.5 miles each way. Or at least it should have been. Eileen gave me her wallet and iPhone to carry for her and I dropped them in the RV Park. So we had to go back and look for them which probably added another 10 miles to our ride (OK maybe 2), but all’swell that ends well I found the wallet and phone. (Eileen asked “does this bike seat make my ass look fat?”)  Mark came back and had dinner with us, then we took him and his bike back to his place. It’s against the law in Ft. Collins to ride at night without a light on your bike.

IMG_0808 IMG_0810-R IMG_0812-R IMG_0816-R IMG_0806-R IMG_0818-R

We’re having trouble with our HWH Levelers. The levelers or jack stands automatically level and stabilize the house. I searched around for the problem and found that I had a weak chassis battery. It wasn’t dead, but on it’s way out. So picked up a new battery from Mr Mechanic compliments of Mark. Installed the new battery and that didn’t fix the problem! I next checked the voltages at the two solenoids and pump motor. All had 12 volts but the motor wasn’t running. A mechanic is coming out Friday to look at it.

Oh and we’re also on a eat healthier kick. Including Max. We shared a large fries with him. Max is addicted to french fries. IMG_0797-R

One of the problems in Ft Collins is the Cottonwood Tree. The seeds are on a cotton like structure and it blows all over Ft Collins. It looks like you’re in a snow storm.

IMG_0802 IMG_0799

We drove to Horse Tooth Mountain and went on a hike with Max.


This is the view looking down from the top of the previous image.  Do you believe people bicycle up and down these mountain! IMG_0822 IMG_0823 DSCN8721

 DSCN8736 DSCN8735 DSCN8734 DSCN8733 DSCN8732 DSCN8725 DSCN8726 DSCN8727 DSCN8728 DSCN8730 DSCN8723 DSCN8719 DSCN8718

We would really like to camp on the Horsetooth River, but it’s very popular and booked most of the time.


We drove to Boulder to see a festival on Pearl Street.




DSCN8744 DSCN8741 DSCN8740 DSCN8742

After walking through most of the festival we were told “No Dogs Allowed”!, by a very friendly police officer.  Since we’d seen most of the festival we picked up Max and headed back to Ft. Collins. The 60’s are alive and well in Boulder!

6 thoughts on “Sunday June 15th Father’s Day to Saturday June 21 .

  1. Beautiful pictures!! You two are doing what Jay & I planned on doing when he retired. Enjoy each
    other and cherish all your memories. Call me when you get back and I’ll have you over for dinner.

  2. Great pictures love the updates. I am really happy for you two. I can’t wait for mike and I to be able travel like that. Love you and see you soon.

    1. Sue,

      It’s only been one month, but we have learned so much about this life style. Really looking forward to all of us camping together in August.

  3. I’m sure you used great wisdom and did NOT answer Eileen’s question about the bike seat making her ass look fat! I hope you’ve resolved the RV challenges and continue to enjoy yourselves. Thanks for the updates and the beautiful pictures. Blessings and safe and travels. Ariel

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