Fort Collins, CO

Sunday June 8th. Today started out great I-80 through Nebraska is a dream to drive on. Nice and smooth and straight and level. That’s me taken by Eileen in the Fit. IMG_0541-R

But not so much when the wind starts blowing. By mid afternoon we were in a full blown storm with rain, hail (or snow) and wind gusts of 40+ mph.  We stopped several times to wait out the winds, but to no avail. We decided to stop for dinner in Cheyenne WY and then spend the night at a rest area.  After dinner I missed the exit for the rest area and we continued on to Fort Collins CO. The trip from Cheyenne to Ft. Collins was uneventful-the storm had moved on.  We spent the night camped at a Walmart right off I-25. IMG_0748

The storm made a beautiful sunset. We were not alone. The lot was full of RVs and 18 wheelers. So full that one had to park across the street in a grass lot.  We’ve been doing a lot of shopping there that we could start a Wallmartian’s Club, but you can’t beat the overnight stay.  Just wish they all had a Starbucks!

Sunday June 9th

We made it to our campground Ft. Collins  KOA  It’s a bit pricey for us, but there are a lot of amenities and they seem to have a good internet connection…and a lot of rules and regulations about visitors, even family!  We won’t stay here again but everything in the area is booked.  It’s such a beautiful area.  We finally had a bike rack and hitch put on the back of the Fit so we can take the bikes with us sightseeing.  We hope to travel the trails through Ft. Collins tomorrow. IMG_0779

Monday June 9th. On the weekend of October 19th Eileen is walking 40 miles for breast cancer.  We started preparing for that walk today.  We are walking 2 miles a day shooting for 5 miles a day while here.


This is the view from one side (not wide angle) IMG_0762 IMG_0761 and this is the view from the other side.


Tuesday June 11th. I found Mecca today! (if you know me, you know what this means)! IMG_0757

Thursday June 12th.

We met  friends for dinner that are from NJ, Kathy and Dave Staveley.  Eileen worked with Kathy years ago at the Pharmaceutical AD agency  which is now Ogilvy Worldwide/CommonHealth and they had moved out here a few years ago.  Great dinner at the Blind Pig.  It was really nice to catch up.  They love it here. IMG_0551

Friday June 13th.

Mark came over for dinner last night and we had a great time.  One of the KOA rules is visitors need to be escorted to your site, so it was pretty funny  when Mark arrived in his truck preceded by a elderly gentleman in a golf cart.  We had a great dinner and sat around the fire watching  the last game of the Stanley Cup. IMG_0772-R IMG_0773

Saturday June 14th.

We picked up a few things we needed to organize the food shelves and then visited Mark at work at Rocky Mountain Westy where he is the Product Manager.  The shop and work they do there is incredible to see. They take Vanagon’s and and replace the 90 hp engine with a Subaru 170 hp engine. They also completely refurbish the inside and outside. Most everything is done in house. They fabricate most of the parts they replace.   They also have a regular car service shop connected to it which is part of the same owners.  So if you see a VW van that looks like a camper, wave.  Most likely they’ve visited RMW at some point. IMG_0777 IMG_0778

4 thoughts on “Fort Collins, CO

  1. The first thing I thought of when you said Wally World was missing a Starbucks was, “ya, but what about a coke and a smile?” You found it, haha! Nice post.

  2. Glad you are touring! Thanks for doing the 40 mile walk. Love your posts. Robby and Marie are there in Elizabeth, CO at my brother’s place.. .they will meet us in a few days in Houston for a niece’s wedding, meeting a nephew’s new wife from China, meeting his sister’s baby who is now 8 moths old..and celebrating Robby and Marie’s engagement. Safe travel. Hug Max. Karen PS: love that JR hat.

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