Hike to Horsetooth Falls and white water rafting on the Poudre River July 2016

A 4th of July hike  located in Horsetooth Mountain Park west of Fort Collins.  The hike to the falls is a pleasant hike through meadows and a rocky canyon to a diminutive but high cascade.

Horsetooth Falls tumble through a steep, narrow rock chute separating the Horsetooth Falls and Spring Creektrails. While the falls are subjectively impressive, families and runners will enjoy mild grades, open space and active wildlife on the short trip: look for deer, fox, coyote, snakes and rabbit in tall grass and along the forest fringe.

Eileen and Mark lead the way.


It was more up than down. Both ways!  How can that be?!
Horsetooth Falls! Wasn’t really much of a falls, just a trickle of water due to drought conditions.


Base of the falls.
Top of the falls.
Looking back the at way we came.



Starting our decent.


Looking out to the reservoir and marina.



Another geocache!


Mark and Eileen went white water rafting for the day.  Stopped for lunch at a restaurant located on the river.  Can’t wait to do it again this year.

2016 “Cache La Poudre” River – “Stash The Powder” – Rafting class 3+4 rapids…epic adventure! @rockymountainadventures Great guides, entertainment on the shuttle and on the river….class A act they are…those guides really love what they do and you can see/feel it! What a perfect day!






5 thoughts on “Hike to Horsetooth Falls and white water rafting on the Poudre River July 2016

  1. Keep them coming. I love this post as well as the one right before. Better late than never. White water rafting looked exciting. Last WWR trip for me was the Cheat River. Quite scary, very cold and got launched out of the raft. Not sure why the guides let us go, since it was running at flood stage and snow flurries. Our one boat with 2 guides and another raft with nothing but guides. Needless to say, we did not get lunch that day, since we were done with a 6 hour trip in less than 3 hours.

    1. Hi Carol, I rode the Cheat River AND got launched out of the raft as well! Someone grabbed my foot trying to save me, but my head was under water. Finally the guide persuaded them to let me go! Then I just rode the current down. It’s a dangerous trip, even when not at flood level.

      1. I have scars on my hand from that trip. It was so cold that I did not bleed for hours and then it just gushed. Yes, crawled up onto a boulder and the 2nd raft of guides told me to jump back in. It was about 10 minutes in the water and if they did not pull me into a boat, I would not have made it. And, I was in a total wet suit, but frozen. They made me sign a bunch of papers on the bus to make sure I could not sue them. Like I said, we never should have gone out that day. I have not gone since that trip. Ugly and the boyfriend that I was with, was convinced that he was going to have to tell my parents that I did not make it.

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