Sept 1st -5th

Sunday we did a little scouting for the week. The first place we stopped at was where Robin & Scott lived when they were in Palm Harbor. I remembered it because there was an alligator in the pond.    Left click on images to enlarge.


Speaking of alligators we had lunch at Molly Goodhead’s


and had an appetizer of alligator. Tasted like chicken!


Monday (Labor Day) we went to my cousins for a cookout. Billy grilled hot dogs, steak, chicken and sausage. Delicious! I haven’t seen my cousins Lisa and Christine in long time. Christine especially, she’s been in Florida for 23 years.

IMG_1614      IMG_1615

We took home some chicken which we had a couple of nights ago with rice.


We spent Tuesday, Wednesday and part of Thursday searching for a place to live when we retire next Spring. We found several Apartment and Condo communities in Palm Harbor, Sarasota and Venice that we were happy with. Tuesday we had lunch at The Lucky Dill in Palm Harbor. Great sandwiches we ate half and took the other half home.


Also on Tuesday we stopped at a 7-11 for a coke and as we were pulling out to go home someone hit our rental car in the driver’s side rear quarter panel.


Yesterday we went to Honeymoon Island and spent some time on the beach,


then had lunch.


A happy camper.


We went back that night to watch the sunset on the causeway.

DSCN8177 DSCN8164 DSCN8152 DSCN8190

Local fisherman.


Wednesday we had dinner with my aunt & uncle Theresa and Bruce at Pops Sunset Grill. More good food. It rained during dinner, but was considerate enough to stop when we were done.

Since we don’t have TV in the Motor home we rented a couple of movies from Redbox and watched them on our entertainment center (my computer) while sharing a pint of Ben and Jerry’s. Worked out great!


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